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About us

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Over 30 Years
of Expertise

Leveraging our extensive network of exceptional individuals, Leduc HR has firmly established itself in the realm of consulting and human resources services.

Since our inception, we have been at the heart of transformation, applying our expertise and unwavering dedication to both businesses and the communities they encompass, always with a human touch.

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Our Purpose

Facilitating Change

When organizations change, when career paths shift, we are there to support.

Providing a Broader Perspective

Offering a unique perspective shaped by our experience to expand possibilities and opportunities.

Making a Difference

Taking the time to share our knowledge and deploy our expertise with a human-first approach.

Contributing to Success

Making a positive impact, fostering fertile environments, and aiming for success.

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Local Expertise,
Global Presence

+300 Economic Centers

Career Partners International

Leduc HR is a member of the Career Partners International network, one of the largest networks of independent career management firms in the world. Reputable firms come together to deliver the highest standards and world-renowned results.

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